Top 5 Benefits of a Field Service Management Software

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Many field business managers don’t realise their trusted methods may not get the task done efficiently, and this is why they feel stuck managing field staff in today’s world.  No matter how hard you try, you would come to eventually acknowledge that there is always an improved and sophisticated technology-enabled solution for getting better results when managing the workforce of the 21st-century, and this is where the field service management software comes in.

Although these solutions exist, many field service managers and organisations have continued the uphill climb, exposing their business results to failure. According to Finance Online, 52% of organisations still use manual methods for field services management. Such methods for field service monitoring and control are neither effective nor efficient. Today’s clients expect more; they want a speedy response and problems fixed quickly with less hassle and fulfilment of service level agreements in record time. As a field staff manager or organisation, you deserve the solution that provides the data to help you achieve this.

Managing your organisation’s field operations should be fun and not tiresome or time-consuming. The good news is that your field service operations can be modernised for better results with the right field service management software. The world has moved from manually tracking employees task progress, micromanagement, or having a paper trail on every client request to a fully customisable field service management software that optimizes resource usage, improves productivity, and increases client satisfaction.

Incorporating such digital solutions would give your business a competitive edge that will lead to desired profits and enhanced retention of clients and employees. Before we get into the benefits of a field service management software, let us look at a field management software.

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What is Field Service Management Software?

A field service management software is a tool that helps field force managers or organisations to manage field operations such as scheduling tasks, maintenance of inventory, dispatching, tracking field staff, inventory, reporting, communicating, and many more. As simple as the definition may seem, it is an all-encompassing solution sophisticated enough to solve your business’s field operation needs. There can be several different use cases based on your industry or specialised business needs.

As the lines for business operations involving field employees are blurred, it makes such a tool crucial for success and staying ahead of the competition. Ensuring the mechanical and administrative aspects an organisation requires to thrive is optimised with practical strategies to meet the client’s needs, balance the workforce, and keep productivity levels high.  Let’s take a look at what five things your business stands to gain from using a field service management system.

5 Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software

1. Team Collaboration

One of the challenges faced by field employees is the communication gap with the back-office employees. Situations that would require a simple update on a software notifying back-office staff to raise an order or get approval or sign off on a process are met with a journey to and from the office.

This could leave a customer unhappy, field employees grumpy, and delay service delivery, increasing cost. Rather than these happening, a field service software can help you to bridge the communication gap between field and back-office staff. By utilising web-based applications and mobile software, employees on both ends can collaborate on task execution, reporting, and other critical business issues. An improved communication system will boost employee productivity.

2. Quality in Service Delivery

“The customer’s perception is your reality, what they think about your products, MATTER. If you don’t put your customer’s perception first, THE GAME IS OVER,” says  Sharfaraz Ahmed. The quote stresses the importance of the customer to any business, hinging its survival on them. One of the problems faced by field service businesses is delivering top-notch service to clients/customers.

Top-notch service is more than just fixing the customer; it also goes into the customer’s experience. How long did it take to match a customer request to a field employee? How much information did the field employee have about the customer request? Etc. While the field service management software is built for the business process, it also dramatically impacts its quality.

3. Report Automation

Field service management software helps to automate all your processes. This automation paves the way for benefits like speed and efficiency while getting rid of manual invoices, paper trails, and long hours on the phone. A field software also helps manage unexpected changes, where the system updates both employee and back office when changes occur. All processes from inventory to scheduling to dispatching is digitised with everything now at your fingertips. This digitalisation reduces the time spent on non-essentials, like data entry and processing.

Data can be recorded on mobile devices, and reports can be populated automatically. Thereby eliminating duplicate entries and errors when trying to understand paperwork orders and invoices while inputting it into systems. Execution is faster as field employees can solve more customer complaints leading to greater productivity and optimizing available resources.

4. Cost Reduction

One way to increase organisation revenue is to cut down operation costs, and every smart business manager is always looking for means to cut costs. While this is true, good field management software will help plug the loopholes in your field staff management that increase your service delivery cost regardless of the industry or sector. Some cost incurred includes travel cost, fleet management cost, office supplies, inventory management cost, etc.  The time spent by field employees travelling to customer sites is billable to your business and not your customer. With a field service management system, routes are automated.

The traffic mapping feature resembles the uber application, where the closest field personnel on the road are selected and routed to customer location. This saves employees time and customer time; it also reduces wear and tear on vehicles and lowers fuel costs. Also, service reports which give insights into service execution, measuring turnaround time of employee and customer satisfaction can be populated with this software.

5. Data Management

In a business world where decisions are made based on data gathered, having a system that helps you generate data from your business is critical for decision making. The field service management software is more than just to improve efficiency; it also goes a long way to enhance company accuracy. Data obtained from tasks tracked help to keep managers informed every step of the way.  Even though data captured is based on field employees’ input, the format (video, audio, still photos) guarantees no manipulation.

The management software provides the company with a consolidated software with clients/order history and field employee instructions. This allows for continuity of process if a field employee leaves, retires, or is sick. The efficiency of field service businesses is increased as critical metrics like the number of orders per day, the number of jobs completed per day, travel time, etc., can be generated and accessed. This will help the business ascertain weak points and take action to enhance their processes.

In Conclusion

Defining your standard of operations is the way to stand out in the field service industry. The way to define and maintain a high standard is to employ technology in your business’s operations. When you do this, it will help your team collaborate, improve your service quality, automate your business operations, reduce cost, and help you collect data for decision-making. It’s necessary to include the Field Service Tracking Software in your business with so much to achieve. Outwork can help you achieve all the above mentioned; send a mail to or visit our website for more information.

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