How Max.Ng Effectively Manage Their Riders for Maximum Productivity


Our client is a technologically driven bike hailing transportation company turned logistics company.

With headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, and newly expanded operations from Lagos to other states in the country (Oyo, Ondo and Kano).

Their positioning as one of the leading bike hailing companies meant they had a volume of bikes and had to have at least the same number of riders,  but onboarding riders promptly was a significant challenge for them.

♦ The Need

Our client needed to do the following to manage their day to day operation better and improve based on valuable precise data:

  • Managing the numerous onboarding for their riders.
  • To track and monitor the movement of their riders to better manage efficiency. 
  • To capture and report daily field activities in real-time (time of pick-up, location, etc.).
  • To gather data in real-time to improve its services continuously; our client needed a solution that could be used to onboard staff and capture volume data at once and report such data in a manner that is useful to the organisation for decision making.

After an engagement season with Staffing and Co. (a Workforce Group Company), we proffered one of our tech products; Outwork as a viable solution that adequately addresses all their pain points and offers solutions to every one of their needs. The solution was deployed and rolled out from our client to all their riders.

♦ Our Impact

Staffing and Co. significantly impacted the company’s operations and growth as they were able to mine valuable data daily, which gave our client a lot of insights and knowledge to improve their overall efficiency and ability to manage such data. They were able to:

  • Rapidly scale up the onboarding of riders and thus their operation.
  • Improve their overall client satisfaction as the field monitoring proved effective in the management of riders.
  • Make better business decisions based on insights gathered from the data.
  • Improve their reporting.
  • Significantly improve their branding, customer’s perception and overall, positively impact their bottom line significantly.

By partnering with us, our client had gained invaluable insight and an incomparable edge over the competition.

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