Effective Management of Field Employees Using Technology

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One major change witnessed in the management of human resources is the ability to use technology in diverse ways for ensuring effective workforce management. Technology has granted organisations and field staff managers the ability to optimise the productivity of their field employees while they are offsite. One of the most amazing things about it is that it is backed by data and the right collaborative tools to make field staff more productive.

So, it is truly goodbye to the days of waiting in for employees to fill in their paperwork, manually log customer complaints, track various files or even the vigorous checks for days or weeks depending on the size of your workforce to see how productive a field worker has been. Technology has taken all that boring and unsmart way of working away.

You get a whole lot of benefits when you use technological tools to manage your employees effectively; if you are in search of a more efficient way for effective field force management, let us get started below by first looking at the benefits of using technology in managing your desk-less or field employees.

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Benefits of Technology for Field Employees Management

There are many ways in which the use of technological applications such as Outwork- a mobile technology solution can effectively manage your field workforce. It gives you firm control of field employees off-site activities, improves performance and also productivity.

Some of  the benefits are:

Provides Real-Time Data for Business Insights

 Real-time data for business insights

Real-time data is crucial for the sustenance of any business. We live in a world today where data is as important to business survival as water is to human beings. One of the benefits of field staff management systems is the importance of knowing what your field staff are doing and understanding the various aspects of their tasks, and where each employee may be lagging.

Such information allows you to make better-informed business decisions about your business. It would also help managers understand where an employee might need help. With its geolocation feature, for example, a manager using Outwork’s field employees management technology can see that a field sales rep has only visited two out of five assigned locations at the end of a workday, the manager can then ask more questions, understand the challenges faced and find ways to improve performance and mitigate challenges.

Instant Feedback

One thing that delays most field workers productivity on the job is getting instant communication. Sometimes it takes a long period before reliable feedback is obtained from either end as regards a project, and most times may cause a significant delay in actualising a project’s goal.

With technological tools such as Outwork, this is a problem of the past because it allows for instant communication between both parties. Your employees can send documents, photos, e-signatures etc to prove a completed task and the manager can see the progress of the staff and know the next step to take as regards a project without leaving the app.

Allows for Flexibility

Most field force management software is built in a way that enables 24/7 access and also accommodating different use-cases.

With this, your employees can quickly fill their updates, reports and schedules at the appropriate time and enable you, the field force manager, to track progress from the comfort of wherever you are. Employees and line-managers can easily keep up with tasks,  know where the other party is stuck, and provide solutions with ease.

Mobile Solution

We live in a world that is mobile-first. This is why Outwork offers a multi-platform solution accessible via desktop and on the move via the mobile app. This instantly grants field employees access to an app on their mobile device to fill their progress on the field and also help ease the workflow for managers.

The best field force management software also records field activities automatically. Even when your employees work offline, all the previous data would sync immediately there is network coverage; simply put, work goes on even without an active internet connection.

Easy Automation

With software such as Outwork, automation of tasks is done quickly, as all necessary steps that need to be done are already automated in the software and your employees can simply fill the template in a few minutes.

You can also design the templates to suit your unique business needs. This creates more time to focus on core business areas rather than being bothered about the productivity of an employee or about what task they are to do next.

Field Force Management Software: Onboarding  Your Employees

Having read about the tremendous benefits of using technology to manage your field staff, and in line with the future of work; the evolution of field staff. It is essential to know just how to introduce this to your employees, especially for employees that are not conversant with software that monitors their offsite tasks. This can be done by:

Letting Them Know the ‘Why’

Oftentimes, people tend to be non-receptive of change when they don’t know the exact reason for the change or what it aims to achieve.

In this case, you have to let your employees see the benefit they can derive from having a software that allows them to register the progress of their work remotely, takes away the stress of manually filling reports and reducing the back and forth with their managers.

Take Them Through the Process

Trial session of the field force management software

Practical mode of passing knowledge is a very effective way of making people know a thing. To get the field workers to have a good idea of how this can help them, you would need to take a trial session of the field force management software you intend to adopt and then take your employees through the process.

You can sign up for a free trial session on Outwork today to see how the different features can help your business.

Allow Them to Learn

When you take them through the process, you have to avail them the opportunity of genuinely learning how this works and encouraging them to make proper use of the software to help their work.

You also need to track the software usage, set up a support platform where they can communicate challenges and provide support staff to walk them through and allow them to learn.

Encourage Growth

When employees are encouraged in the right way to do a particular thing, it makes it easier to get their buy-in. When introducing this seemingly new mode of working, it would be best to continually encourage them to use the software and remind them of its importance to not just the business, but also to their career growth within and outside the organisation.

In Conclusion

Using Outwork to manage jobs such as engineering, construction, research or field sales team would bring a broad array of benefits for you and your employees while empowering you to achieve your business goals effectively.

Successful businesses that use Outwork testify to how it’s world-class features help them succeed in their business. Read how one of our clients testifies of how Outwork’s geolocation feature has allowed them to easily monitor their employees. This has led to increased productivity and better business accomplishments.

If what you need for your business is an effective solution that would boost your field staff productivity, then Outwork is your best option.

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Start your free 30-days trial today, and let’s know how we can help you achieve your business goals and boost productivity for your field workers wherever they are. Reach us on hello@outwork.com or call at 09087474563, we are looking forward to helping you and your field employees to achieve your goals.


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