How to Select the Best Field Force Management Software

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To understand what a Field Force Management Software is, let us paint a scenario, shall we?

Deji has just been promoted to the position of the Field Force Manager in his organisation. He is charged with overseeing the activities of the Field Force. His bosses have told him that they have a higher growth/revenue target to meet for the year, and they are depending largely on the performance of the Field Force team to achieve their objectives.

This made Deji more determined. However, he soon realised he had a challenge. He wasn’t used to managing a team that was constantly away from him. He found it hard to monitor their activities, and he couldn’t tell what they were doing at a particular point in time. More importantly, he also wanted to be sure their field services translates to an improved customer experience for his organisation’s client.

Many Field Force Managers, just like Deji, find it challenging to monitor the activities of their field staff with data-backed insights since it is usually executed outside the office. That is why every field service business needs a Field Force Management Software, but first, let’s get to know what it is.

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What is a Field Force Management Software?

A Field Force Management software simply manages your fieldworkers.

Your Field Force are the members of staff who go from door to door to deliver service/products to your clients. This includes your sales team, field researchers, customer survey analysts, distribution teams, brand ambassadors, verification teams and the likes. While some modern-day technology has also proven to be effective in this regard, it has its limitations.

The Field Force Management Software is designed to oversee the activities of your field force, ensuring they are as productive as they can be. It helps you automate and optimise processes such as tasks scheduling, customer complaints, reporting and dispatch; it also provides you with the right data you need to successfully improve and run your business with a higher degree of accuracy.

In recent times, Field Force Management technology has proven to be successful. Hence, many organisations are now adopting a field force management software like Outwork to make their field staff more efficient.

There are so many factors to consider when deciding on the best field force management software for your company. You need to consider the available features, different pricing plans, the maximum number of field workers per plan, vendor support, ease of use and the likes.

However, before selecting a particular software, you need to link that software to your current pain points and desired business results. With the right software solution, such as Outwork, you are one installation away from improving the efficiency of how you serve clients or customers while simplifying your business processes. This management software helps your field force stay updated and keeps your back-office employees in the loop, leading to an excellent field experience with just one click.

Now, let’s explore the 3 major reasons why you need to select and deploy the best field force service management software for your organisation.

Why You Need the Best Field Force Management Software

Data Collection

The best field force management software helps in data collection and analysis. With the right data, you would be able to make better and more informed strategic decisions that would move your organisation forward.

The best software allows your field employees to submit reports, send documents and share their location either online or offline, you are also able to analyse and group data using different variables such as time taken to complete a project, areas covered by your field team, etc.

This data would help you to track, monitor and understand the performance of the field team or individual. It also shows you what business processes are effective in your operation and which ones to remove or optimise.


HSO, Microsoft Dynamics Partner, says 80% of technical experts in the field service industry are adamant that technology enhances field force skills and efficiency.

This is achieved by the optimisation of resources and business processes. When you integrate a system that automates processes into the operations of the field business, your tasks are easily executed because your field force staff are equipped with the right tools and information.


According to a report by Service Titan, 40% of organisations using cloud-based field force management software to carry out field service management are growing. This statistics further show that field force management software enables the growth of field service businesses.

Top talents are also attracted to organisations with the latest technology, adopting these technologies would improve the talent quality of your field team, as well as drive a healthy competition culture within teams which results in the personal growth of your team members. Such would ultimately lead to company growth, because a higher quality of service is delivered, so there would be better customer retention and customer attraction.

Irrespective of the size of your organisation or the roles of your field employees, it would be best if you had a field force management software to help everyone perform better on their jobs. You can read more on the top 5 benefits of a field service management software here.

However, despite the numerous benefits associated with having a field force management software, some organisations are unable to achieve their desired objectives as they find their software difficult to use and unfit for purpose. This occurs when an organisation fails to evaluate some key features before deciding on its field force management software.

Therefore, before selecting any Field Force Management Software, you need to look out for some vital features, let us take a look at some of them below.

Things to Look Out for When Selecting a Field Force Management Software


Mobile Friendly

“Mobile-friendly” isn’t just a fancy word. It is an important feature that many technological innovations of this nature are always looking to include as an element in their design, and this is because of how mobility improves work efficiency.

It helps organisations and their field force employees to get more work done on the go, and from wherever they are. This feature is also key to the needs of the team you manage. Since your field workers are always deskless and moving around, you must ensure that your Field Force Management Software is equipped to be mobile-first enabled and optimised before choosing it.

User-Friendly Interface

To sustain a field force’s productivity, it is vital to look out for the software system’s user-friendliness. Information accessibility should be almost effortless, and it should also have different versions for mobile devices and desktop devices. The field service industry is known for its mobility; hence, field management software users should access information via the software interface easily.

The software should also be accessible even when offline, and cloud-based technology should be utilized to ensure that there are no interruptions to the field force while they are executing a task. Experience first-hand a user-friendly field management software by requesting a demo of Outwork today.

Report Automation

One of the features to look out for when choosing the best field force management software is the ability to save both effort and time by replacing manual processes such as generating work reports with automated processes.

The management software should create custom reports and make ready the different variations of geographical data. Think of software that provides detailed, real-time, on-demand information. That is a feature you should look out for.

Ease of Usage

No one likes a complicated device, no matter how great the functionalities are. Besides, innovations are meant to make things easier, and that’s the same for the Field Force Management Software. You must ensure that the features are effortless to understand and access.

This way, you will be able to maximize its functions to carry out the various tasks you need it to perform.

Enhanced Functionality

Every field force management software should be able to do basic things – like scheduling, mapping, and tracking.

But it would be best if you were looking out for software that offers enhanced functionality and exclusive features, from performing tasks seamlessly to providing live chat features for customers who may need information on services/products on your off days. Cloud-based software allows for maintenance without interrupting the service execution.

Employee Management

Any field force management software should have an impact on the field force too. Hence, it would be best if you watched out for how the software features impact your field force in terms of performance monitoring, increase in productivity and efficiency, reviews and feedback from customers about a particular field force employee, etc.

It should be able to track employee’s locations and enable them to perform administrative tasks on the go.

Software Integration

In the tech ecosystem, it is critical for any software to communicate; hence the software you choose must be able to integrate with your existing systems easily.

For example, Enterprise resource planning integration is no news, as this is done to centralize the business’s various software. Another example is business intelligence integration, which helps in the evaluation of workforce productivity and optimises your route planning.

It would be best if you considered integration with other software your business already utilizes and the hardware you have in place or plan to have soon. Would you need to do a total overhauling of devices? Would you need to upgrade some of them? Is this cost-effective? This question will help guide your decision.

If there is anything synonymous with innovation, it is change. Therefore, you must ensure that the software you choose is flexible enough to guarantee the same. Also, you must train your staff to be able to use this software so that you can maximize its usage.

Deji was able to leverage a field force management software as a cost-effective, hassle-free and scalable one-stop solution to all his problems; He never had to worry about managing his field staff again. He was also able to improve their productivity and performance to exceed his revenue target. Learn from Deji, Get started with outwork today.

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At Outwork, we understand that maintaining a huge field force is not a walk in the park; that is why we have created a platform to make your business operate seamlessly. You can start a free 30-day trial here or reach us via e-mail on


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