The best solution to track your field teams in real time

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For service-oriented companies, field teams are really playing more important roles than ever before. These field employees are the forerunners of the customer experience and their nearness to customer also puts them in a strong position to influence sales and collect valuable information about clients.

A more agile, effective, and connected field team can be a great asset to a business. A well-equipped field team can help to reduce operational costs, improve revenue, and provide reliable business insights. In order to get the most out of field teams, businesses need to begin to see the value of mobile workforce management solution for an effective workforce. These solutions give managers greater visibility into field operations and empower field teams to achieve better business results, increase field productivity, and improve employee engagement.

The most fundamental challenge facing service-oriented businesses is gaining full control of their field projects and insights into work being done on the field. These solutions give sales managers a better understanding of field sales agents’ activities and they can easily track and schedule jobs much more efficiently. Better visibility also means faster reporting, since it’s easier to stay up-to-date on field employees’ weekly hours, when they are on a job, and when the job is complete.

As service becomes a more significant component of customers’ purchasing decisions, service-based organizations are recognizing the need to constantly improve their service offerings. Mobile workforce management solutions offer a unique way to constantly improve the level of service. Those tools give businesses the opportunity to better tailor their technician assignments to the job based on skill set, proximity, or part availability. Mobile management solutions also streamline the job creation process, which allows businesses to react more quickly to customer requests.

In addition, with mobile workforce management solutions, feedback can flow much smoother from customers to technicians to managers and other office staff. This creates a much faster, closed-loop feedback system that enables businesses to quickly learn from each customer interaction. Armed with those insights, businesses can quickly and iteratively improve their product and service offerings, staying a step ahead of industry trends and delighting their customers.

As the leader in the mobile workforce management, Outwork is flexible and can be used to manage your Field Teams. With Outwork, you can harness the cloud to manage your field teams or workforce and you can use it as a means to simplify a lot of your key business processes.

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